812398 -Wencon DIAMANT RR Metal - Công Ty CP Mai An Đức    

812398 -Wencon DIAMANT RR Metal


Quick and reliable repair material for metal parts even on WET SURFACES or UNDERWATER. Two component type rapid repair system for voids, cracks, dents and holes in all kind of machine elements, castings, pipes, tanks, pumps and engines. It adheres to nearly all surfaces and offers. a wide range of protection against corrosion, erosion, chemical, thermal and physical attacks. Permanent temperature resistant up to 160 °C I 320 °F and a free mixing ratio gives you the possibility to adjust the viscosity from liquid to -putty to fulfill your needs during the application.

Product Benefits :

– Applicable on wet surfaces.

– Fast curing (Even underwater).

– Resistant up to 160°C.

– Free mixing ratio (Liquid & putty in one product). 

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